Kino Rhapsody (what is a Kino Kabaret)

Video clip made during Hamburgerkino's 11th Kino Kabaret in 2012.

  • About It :

    I wanted to make a special tribute to the concept of Kino Kabarets. I chose the song from Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and changed all lyrics to make this tribute on a 48 hours Kino session.

  • Award :

    This short movie won the gold medal of the Berlin international video-clip Bundesfilm festival in 2012.

  • Credits :

    Written & directed by : Cédric Le Doré / Main Comedians : Mélodie Grumberg, Natacha Kossman, Moris Tessendorf, Velan Taniga, Haruna Honcoopova… / Cam Operator : Juliette Chenais / Editor, Sound Recording & Mixing : Cédric Le Doré / Vocals : Eve Dufaud, Gizmo / Choregraphy : Nika Kushnir Many thanks to the other participants !


Original version :

This is the re-cut version screened in Paris in june 2012.

« For people who never experimented making very low budget movies like kino it can be sometimes hard to understand the concept of it. You write, shoot and edit a whole movie in a very short time, have fun and party. Then comes the final rush, with lot of stress. Renders and exports can be slow depending on your computer capacities. You have a limited time left to give your movie on a USB key for the night screening. Most of the time you will discover your movie alongside with the audience, whatever the result is.

Well, this is how a Kino Kabaret looks like … »