La Nassara

  • The Movie :

    Video Clip in 72h made during 1st Kino Ouaga Kabaret, Burkina Faso, in 2013.

  • The Idea :

    Summer songs such as ‘La Lambada’ or ‘The Macarena’ teach exotic dances to occidental people. I realised that there was no such a dance the other way around. I then decided to make a movie with African people trying to dance like occidentals. It was actually very difficult for them because their natural body groove is much developed than ours! Na'sara, in Mooré, is the common name given to Occidentals. The other aspect of the project was to make a parody of the very naive lyrics of Burkinabé dance songs.

  • About It :

    We wrote and recorded the song with my friend Kaberic, a young growing singer star in Ouagadougou, and his band. For the video clip, I used pictures shot during a travel I made through Burkina Faso and Northern Ghana.